Navajo sterling/turquoise Bic lighter case, 1970's-80's with Hopi Kachina doll figure, signed on base~ this thing is nuts in a Folkjokeopus kinda way, so carefully put together- in house relatives here and here.

Wizardy candlestick made from three bent & welded cattle brands, an oldee'...I love this thing for it's sculptural form and intersections, giving me the early David Smith's.

*You have to be careful with this kind of shit, and I try to be, try to reign myself in before I start being that guy who has old wooden farm implements hanging from the walls, curtains made from grain sacks and Gone Fishin' signs in the lou...but a little farm-core is ok.

Hand painted bowl, Mexico (Oaxoca?), mid century...in house relatives (and favorites) here.
~all found this morning on the way to the chicken farm.


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Man, I love that bowl.