We went back to the Pollock Krasner house and studio with the Beach clan last week~it's a beautiful and modest tomb of life and work, the house and studio sharing an economy of scale and efficiency and the simple nature of the property adding something to it's remote or isolated quality.
It seems like very little was changed since the couple first moved to Springs, with furniture and fixtures Krasner chose...(the iron bench she aquired in college and the pedestal sink upstairs, found on the street in New York)...much like the Eames house the sensibility of the house seems intact.

*The glass pieces in the tins are leftovers from Krasner's (awesome) mosaic table-built into the hoop of a cart wheel found on the property.

**I think of the Eames house as more of a reflection of Ray's tastes and collections-and both houses can't help but seeming like something of a set despite attempts to leave them as be/was etc...Krasner lived and worked in springs for almost 30 years after Pollock's death, and Ray a decade after Charles in the Eames house.

***Krasner and Ray Eames (then Kaiser) studied together at the Hofmann school where Ray's nickname was 'Buddha' for her calm demeanor. (:-o)

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