More/chore/bore~nice condition Duxbak shooting jacket from the bowl, I've looked and passed on so many of these type of jackets, they are either huge and short or costume-core...this guy has great tailoring and details-clean front middle pocket-hidden cigarette pocket and heavy canvas.
more chore here...here
Duxbak vest here

*wait/what~someone paid over 3K for a wooly Duxbak on fleabay :-O


THEARM said...

deluxe dux

Simon Tuntelder said...

Duxbak made so much great clothing. I wonder why they went under?

Lately there have been a lot of revitalized old companies. Somebody should do that with Dux. I'm sure they have some amazing archives.

Alan said...

i found some old brand new duxbaks in a military shop in Milan, i still have one if you' re interested!