Zuni Shulawitsi, fire god head pin~dot inlay into tortoise shell.
Zuni tomahawk tie clip with tear drop?
Zuni Knifewing pin, channel inlay into jet, this one's a mystery-has elements of both Gordon Leak and Dan Simplicio but is unattributed....all 1940's-50's, a lotta work in these little guys.
In house relative here and here.


aapc said...


Simon Tuntelder said...

If I were to buy a simple men's ring in a similar style, where would I start looking?

R4TH said...

hEbay is a good start and those shallow glass display cases stationed by ol he and she wizards at the flea markets.....trading posts in Arizona or NM if you are passing through.

Simon Tuntelder said...

Living in Denmark makes buying straight from the wizards or trading posts virtually impossible.

Would you mind sharing some good search words or books/blogs(other than your own, of course)/sites, that can enlighten me on the area?

Thanks for your response, much appreciated.

R4TH said...

ST my email is to your right--->