Bulent Ortacgil

Reissued on Vinyl by Wah Wah Records in Barcelona, for fans of Nick Drake and Fairport Convention who may or may not be fluent in Turkish.......also reminds me of the mellower side of Claudio Rocchi.

Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec

These French brothers were recently awarded the Fin Juhl Award in Copenhagen. With most of us just trying to just get along with our siblings, their collaborative creative output is inspiring, thanks Kathryn for the link.


Thinking small

Hans Wegner, Charles and Ray Eames and Isamu Noguchi with big plans.

Mobile Woodworking Program for Youth

The kids are alright, I want IN on this program.....brought to my attention by BCR.


Hello Lenny!

Lenny is 4 years old, good natured and doesn't like to be too far from Les, which I can understand. We found him at the Pasadena Humane Society, in addition to many dogs, cats, birds and rabbits for adoption, they also have an alligator and two mountain goats in residence.


Levon Helm's joke

Zondag mit i-phone

Duluth Bags

The original since 1882, still hand made in Duluth Minnesota.


Roky Erikson's right track


Swallow bike, snapped by sir Richard Aldrich.


Van Ethan Eno Rogers contemplates his first watercolor. This kid will be making those things in no time.


Atwater Pottery at OK

A sample of new works by Adam Silverman, his work is part of the exhibition "Texture" opening at OK this Saturday. See Larry's site for more details.


Leach on Hamada


This classic glass is becoming harder to find and subsequently one of my favorite new search words on ebay. It seems Duralex of France has gone into liquidation. The Picardie first appeared in 1927, elegant, stackable and virtually unbreakable it became ubiquitous across France in school kiosks, cafes and restaurants.


San Remo Fishermans Co-operative

I spoke to my Father yesterday, prompting some nostalgia for my home town. I love the design of the floating triangular 'crates' used to house the accumulated catch of lobster prior to market dispatch (third photo). My Grandfather was fishing during this era, later enlisting my father, who later enlisted my older brother. The C0-op is still running, though the fishing fleet has diminished dramatically.


Rocky Mountain Featherbed Co

Vintage 1980's, Rocky Mountain Featherbed Co. jacket, again from rose bowl, the early days of Goretex, with leather trim and ample pockets for shoplifting. This company collaborated with SiFury in Japan this year to release an updated version of the Mountain Parka (bottom).

Wild Combination

Matt Wolf has made a film about Arthur Russell titled Wild Combination.


John Fahey

10 year anniversary CD re-issue of these late John Fahey recordings, originally issued as a double 7" on Little Brother Records. Haunted reverb masterpieces in beautiful letterpress packaging featuring a booklet documenting the rarely seen paintings made by Fahey in the later days of his career on earth. Out on Important Records.


The Wood Shed

Eagle Rock, Los Angeles, CA

Your Own Size

We stumbled into Sonomitsu Shoes, a tiny store in the Yanaka district of Tokyo last December. The shoes are designed and handmade in house and the quality is exceptional, scrawled in biro on the innersole are the words shoe making is my life. You Sit down, have each foot measured, choose your style and leather, and 4 months later, an amazing pair of handmade shoes arrives at your door.


Three Sitting Rauschenbergs

Robert Rauschenberg, 10/22/1925 -5/12/2008.


The Neil Young Spider

Scientist names spider after Neil Young, read more here.


Frankie Fairfield

This young man was teleported from the distant past to play for the farmers market folk in Hollywood today, living proof that John Henry didn't die in vain. His repertoire consisted of skillfully played classics by Dock Boggs, Roscoe Holcomb and Bill Shepard, and his bag consisted of sheet music and a tin of Dax hair styling wax.

japanese denim blues

Japanese indigo dyed Denim from Junkyard Jeans stand at Rose Bowl. The colors and detailing of these pieces are beautiful especially the hand sewn patch repairs. The pile regularly consists of sleeping mats, curtain fragments and the occasional garment, such as the Yukata pictured in the last two shots.