The Great Pacific Iron Works

The Great Pacific Iron Works/Chouinard Equiptment 1975 Catalog, Ventura, CA. Complete here, in house relative here. Let My People Go Surfing, the history of Patagonia here.


Jerome and Evelyn Ackerman

Article and slide show in todays LA times.

The Silent World

What out disposable underwater camera saw whilst snorkeling around Julian Rocks, NSW last month, more high def in person, but a nice record of the down time.

Shelf Life

In house details. Japanese stoneware bottle, via OK + Frank Lloyd Wright crumbs eclipsing a Michelle Grabner black circle painting, 2008/19th Century gold + silver mining assay crucibles/Handmade burl jewelery box and sake kettle from PCC.


In house Nelson merch, enter:season of the t-shirt.


Spring Collections

Jonathan J's mat collection via Surfmatters/Billiard Balls in Paris via excavation by spoonfuls (a new favorite site)/Russell Wright, 'Eclipse' pattern tumblers for Bartlett-Collins, 1958, up on eBay.


This record is ruling my morning, Gainsbourg's first rock record, made in collaboration with composer Jean-Claude Vannier, it rolls like a tighter version of Crazy Horse (with the bass player from Astral Weeks thrown in perhaps)- lavish and loose. Thanks Les, Pitchfork review here.


Class-5, Mountaineering Equipage pack, 1970's. Great tag, also into the purple chute lining, complementing this. From eBay with love.


The Niagra Suit

I posted a shot of people in these Niagra Falls parkas a while back, the Postmaster at AAPC has been trawling and sent these additional shots along. Thanks.



Black Magic, Mr Noonan's rides, Brompton v's BMW.



Dansk candle holders, from Ali for christmas w/ Japanese candles (burning Brancusi's), thanks team Brutis!


London merch, St John tote/Modern Art tote.



Via the Photography corner of Amy Yao's website.

Hiding Man

Review of 'Hiding Man', Tracy Daugherty’s biography of Donald Barthelme in NY Times, thanks Mr Musgrave for my first DB book.


Brompton B-sides

Early Brompton prototypes, never manufactured, I like the ape hangers on these.

Teaching From The Floor

The gang violence in our neighborhood, our street corner to be specific, has unfortunateley escalated of late, an article in todays LA times by Steve Lopez focuses on the effects on students and teachers at Highland Park Elementary. Read article here.


I Started A Joke

What Would JD Do?

WHAT IS THE CITY BUT THE PEOPLE?/Quotes and proverbs for Piccadilly line Operational Staff, compiled by Jeremy Deller and beautifully designed by APFEL for Art on the Underground.

As staff on the Piccadilly line, we are being encouraged to add a little something to our passengers' day. So if one or two of these proverbs are appropriate, please feel free to pass them on over your p.a at any time you feel it might make a positive impact- and of course when it is safe to do so!

Salad Days

Images found whilst Googalizing San Remo, coastal Victoria where I grew up/down. The Church house and cemetary pictured were located directly behind our property line and the beach pictured 'Bore Bay' was a short walk through and beyond the cemetary grounds, a favorite spot. More from SR here.

Lamp Envy

Lamps for the looking: Serge Mouille,“Antony” wall lamp, 1954, metal, aluminum & brass/Le Corbusier, Lamp, 1952-59, concrete/Le Corbusier, Wall lamp, 1956-59, perforated aluminum & brass. Via Galerie Patrick Seguin, Paris...thanks Stu for the linkage.



Wilderness Experience early 80's Gortex Mountain Parka w/ detachable hood. Very green, from ebay with Love.