5th Gear?

Paul Gross has been making new 4th Gear Flyer prototypes- George Greenough bound for test riding in Byron Bay. Enjoying the Blinky Palermo color palette and the minimalism of the clean skin mats with no pads/print. For a generous and detailed report, see full post on Surfmatters.


Organic Doughnuts etc.

Details from the Mullumbimby Market, possibly the only place you'll see the word Organic before the word Doughnut, thanks Sally for the guided tour and shark's tooth necklace! Mushroom patch- the best painting you never saw in china town, LA/Grass Heads, $3.00, just add water/Musical Youth/Cattle Brands, part of a wall display archiving the regions farming history, reminding me of ceramic seals.


4th Gear Flyers

After seeing footage of Paul Gross and George Greenough mat surfing (props Ryan), I promptly ordered a 4th Gear Flyer for this trip, thanks to directions from LA sculptor Florian Morlat, who designed the new logo for the mats, hand made by Paul Gross in the USA. These things are insanely fun and portable, (it came through the mail slot in a standard padded envelope) the material has a teched out Patagonia feel, but also a classic small production look, each mat is signed by PG.

This morning's session (read: grommet status/white belt) at our temporary local got inneresting when I noticed a whole band of mat riders way out and off to the right, George Greenough and Co live. Awesome. GG pictured center with an older 4th G.F, the chap at the bottom was riding an experimental mat made by GG with no internal baffling. 4th Gear Flyer site here. GG's mat tutorial here. Cabinessence, great LA surf/music/stuff blog here.


This record gleamed from Matty a year back is making a lot of sense right now. Recommended.

"When Sea of Joy premiered at the Mandala Theatre, Sydney, few of the queuing throng knew that the strange characters trying to sell them chocolate-coated bananas were the film's soundtrack musicians. Surf on you crazy diamonds".
Odysseus Richards.

Hiking in Nightcap National Park, NSW, seriously bringing the Rain back into the Rainforest.



Because It's There, Seattle, 1970's Mountain Parka (Lesley's)...rainy day details/tag porn, 65/35 v's 60/40.


Enjoying the garden goods here in Lennox Head, benefiting from the careful work of others...need me a fishing pole now.


The Longest Train I Ever Saw, opens this Saturday at Rachel Uffner Gallery, NYC...take your Valentine. (Awesome) Painting by Lesley Vance.


Spending some time away in northern N.S.W, getting acquainted with the surrounds, less interwebs and more salt water for the next month. Photo, Aquarius Festival, Nimbin 1973.


Niagra Parkas

Couples clad in oiled cotton parkas/hoods in preparation for Niagara Falls boat tour, 1930's, photo found at PCC.


My people, The House Of Hardwood, Los Angeles.

Nice archive. A whole table of Interiors, from the 40's/50's at the PCC last Sunday, my cart was full and my wallet was empty by this point. If anyone is into these or searching for specific issues I have the vendors details, drop me an email.


Russel Wright 'Pinch' Tumblers, by Imperial Glass: coordinates with the Iroquois china line, 1940's. Russel Wright dining chair, solid maple, late 1930's, produced by Conant Ball Co, Massachusetts as part of the American Modern line. A beautiful chair, subtle bending on the back rest and heavy design/dimensions, Wright's early furniture was heavily influence by the Mission furniture he grew up with. Found at the PCC yesterday, 10 am is my new 5 am at the market! In house relatives here.

Crescent Down Works,est 1974- Down Shirt jacket available at South Willard, Los Angeles.

We use only the highest grade of goose down fill and a choice of quality fabrics selected for the best combination of durability, and performance. These qualities combined with time-honored style provide a sought-after product proudly made in America with care.

Well heeled man, Ryan Conder V's some serious swell. Bigger days gone by at Rincon, CA, 2008/photos: Jon Shafer.