Happy New Year

*Bas Jan Ader, Flower Work, 1974.


Picnic On A Frozen Lake

Greetings from Rhinelander, WI. Today we walked on water, traversing the frozen lake and observing the ways of the local ice fishermen...no red flags raised on our watch however. I heart winter in WI.
*rare photo of Leonard with dark ear raised, taken by Les.


Ready For The Country

The Suburban goes country this coming summer when the doors open on The Waupaca Country Poor Farm, Little Wolf, Wisconsin. Nice digs Michelle and Brad!

Gone Daddy Gone

I'm not sure when it will be ok to play the Violent Femmes at a party again, or when I'll be at a party again, but suffice to say I was and am still a fan, I even bought into the solo projects. In any case when in Milwaukee...

Milwaukee Loot

Loot from our annual antique skirmish into Milwaukee. Hercules, Sears, Roebucks-1960's tan leather jacket with wool shawl collar/cuffs. Various buttons with political, commercial and other messages, I like the fonts on these. Deadstock E.B.S 1960's ladies sneakers, thinks Keds V's Winklepickers. Vintage Russel Wright ceramics by Steubenville (designed 1937), S + P shakers, sugar bowl, serving dish in granite grey glaze. These are part of the tableware series that Bauer Pottery in LA will be reissuing in 2009 in collaboration with Russel Wright studio's.


Wisconsin Death Trip

The Wisconsin Historical Society is in the process of digitally archiving the entire collection of glass plate photographs by Charles Van Shaick, a portion of which were unearthed/edited by Michael Lesy for his brilliant Wisconsin Death Trip publication (Pantheon Books, 1973). View the WDT set here. Paperback version of WDT available here.


The Visitors

Happy Holidays from Cedarburg, WI. Over a foot of snow this year, slowing down, but not deterring the daily visitors.


Brett Cody Rogers holiday ornament, 2008...the mobile had a baby. Danke!

Cutting Room

Photographs from George Nakashima's studio in New Hope, PA, taken by John Loengard for Life magazine, 1970. Cheers Andy for the link.


I've been chasing a 70's Sierra Designs 60/40- pre-gortex (PG) mountain parka since Steven turned up to our yard sale wearing a similar jacket some weeks back-hail ebay (everyone's a winner). Nice cut and details, the leather toggles, Pendleton woolen lining and map pocket...a close relative of this, and this. Ready for the rain.


Young Doc Boggs

After The Gold Rush

South Willard gets silly with 70% off remaining items starting today.


Wendy And Lucy

Black Egg Tuna Pop

Shots from Japan from this time last year. Hakone. The Japanese Steve Malkmus. The knife sharpener's water stones. Tsukiji tuna head. Kuro Tamago.


Milk Plus Love

The Courage Campaign is enlisting folks to attend screenings of MILK across California this Saturday, followed by a candlelight vigil. Spread the word/take action-Let Love In! Details here.
*Milk and...Twinkies post on ANDAHALF.

Not sure that my father would see a quality Danish knit sweater as a necessity for excursions on the open sea, but I can go there. S.N.S Herning have been doing things the right way since the 30's, and are now re-issuing many of their classic designs. Production is limited and each garment tag is signed by the artisan at the loom/helm. Available at Opening Ceremony (on sale) and via S.N.S direct.


What Would Cousteau Do?

Songs For Winter

Black Sea has me falling deep into the Fennesz hole...a place I haven't been since 2001's Endless Summer (Mego). It's also got me remembering all night studio specials with Hotel Paral.lel bouncing between the walls on repeat at 200 Getrude Street, 1998...hello D!

"Fennesz does with sound what Stan Brakhage did with film, altering its very fabric and texture, employing disorder and error as forms of communication and expression. He forces you to learn a different method of perception and interpretation, to look beneath the chaos that seems to govern the movements of life and find the patterns beneath.” [Nick Southall]



It was so dark when I left this morning for the Rose Bowl, that I arrived wearing Lesley's Barbour jacket instead of mine (his and hers, 32-34 whatever), I was also the only one there without a headlamp...next time. Finds-

Suspension 'Semi' lamp designed by Torsten Thorup for Fog & Morup, Denmark, 1967. Various danish/Swedish slip cast ceramics 1950's/60's. 1960's Letter jacket by Albion Knitting Mills, CA, powder blue w/ cream leather sleeves. U.S NAVY sweatshirt. Deadstock 100% wool U.S Army medical blanket, Chatham Manufacturing Co, 1944. Two vintage Duluth packs, or Duluth style packs, one is marked Monarch, which is a model Duluth still makes, the other Pathfinder, canvas and leather.

String Man

PCC loot from last Sunday....back into the domestic range. 1950's Boy Scout knot board. Beautiful Japanese hair things. Spar cheese slicer, made in Norway, I liked the Ruscha style font on this package. Gould Advertising Stencil Co, paper stencil set, Detroit, Michigan. WW2 USN sterling silver dining tray, part on an ongoing collection.


Promising promotional clip for KILLSPENCER, the forthcoming label from Art Center lad Spencer Nikosey...in his own words-

I am launching a higher end conscious product line and will be manufacturing in Los Angeles.

Starting with backpacks, messenger bags, and some smaller accessory products, the KILLSPENCER brand uses the most unique sustainable materials, the best zippers, buckles and clasps, and is truly a functional piece of art. Each product is signed and numbered and every
detail of the design has been considered.

Looking forward to seeing more...thanks Spencer for the link, and also Tilde Blog.

Sea Ranch/CA

Shots from Charles Moore's personal unit at Sea Ranch, clipped from South Willard blog, published in todays NY Times.



Eary 70's Sierra Designs day backpack, cordura with leather bottom and felt lined seat belt type straps, nabbed on ebay. I like this design with the smaller pocket being on top of the main compartment, hello ipod/headphones, camera etc. Feeling the quality, and chasing gear made in CA, OR and CO from this period.