These Boots

Are going to Toronto tomorrow.

Morning Raga

Half a century has passed since these recordings were made, yet the passage of time has done nothing to dim their transcendent beauty. You won't find any of the trappings of Western psychedelia- no phasing, no backwards guitars, no freeform wig-outs. But make no mistake, this is music designed to transport and elevate the listener in exactly the same way.
Christopher Evans



Garage Days Revisited

Some yard sale details-Oscar, Flying Burrito Brother Jr/Papa Jon scores the T.Buggs Vans archive!/Customer taking on Tim's tangerine Brooks Brothers blazer/Carhartt for Dogs/Man tights and winkle pickers, bring that silver.


Yard Sale!

We live in a big building, we have rooms we never enter because they are filled with stuff, tomorrow we attempt to change all that. Yard Sale! together with our friends Tim, Ivan + Michelle, who also have awesome clothes and wares to sell....please drop by (Silverlake). Full details/listing HERE.



Yet to read this but I already know It's good. Published by Teenage Teardrops, available there+here.


Into Link Wray's 1971 self titled album VG+ from ebay, recorded in Wray's chicken shed, with his brothers in Maryland, the vocals sitting somewhere between Van Morrison and Spotlight Kid era Beefheart- fire and brimstone!



Mountain Fold Music Journal-an awesomely free new music publication from Australia. This issue features Interviews with Michael Rother from Neu!/Harmonia, Beaches from Melbourne, Naked On The Vague from Sydney and more. You pay for postage only, get it into your hands/head/hovel!


Cockettes (Jed?)/Headless Mermaid/Mermaid Maker via.


Happy Earth Day

Paul Thek, Earth Drawing 1, 1974.

Mic Porn

Our friend Spencer booked some hours at Audiocue in Berlin, jumped a plane and recorded a few beautiful songs on their piano, which will be moving the right people very soon. With Mics like these who needs a band.


Backyard bubble/Compost Sticks/outdoor and indoor flowers/From David Jolly's G10 to my inbox. DJ's paintings on glass here.



Quoddy for South Willard-tan suede Blucher with brick sole/Los Angeles Brick Company ruins found elsewhere. In house relatives here.

*Local lore states that SW has been stocking Quoddys for around two years now, initially sparked by a Mister David Rager turning up in the store heeled in a pair on the Mysterious Maine mocs- blowing minds and prompting immediate action.

Quoddy Factory Tour on All Plaidout.

Farewell Ballard

JG Ballard has left the earth at age 78. What pop music tells us about JG Ballard here.


The Innermost Limits Of Pure Fun

Can someone please buy this custom built sprinter pod and invite us along for the ride. Thanks RC for the link. Craigslist post here.


Trashin The Nation

BERKELEY TRIBE, Published by the RED MOUNTAIN TRIBE INC. 15 cents Bay Area 30 cents Elsewhere. Part of an archive of SF underground newspapers from 1970, scored at Rose Bowl last week.


Return Of The Grapevine

Our yard is in bloom, new order, new table, now can a family member please send Les some new slippers?, the Equadorian specials have sprung a leek.


Eat This Blog

Strawhat is making me hungry...simple food, great hardware and photography. Thanks Ava.

Into My Ears

Bill Callahan/Sometimes I Wish We Were An Eagle
Richard Swift/The Atlantic Ocean
Wooden Shjips/Dos