Marc Hundley-Joni Mitchell/California T
~6 were sprayed and 6 were sold (really fast) @ Ooga Boga.



Lenny x Rocky Mountain Featherbed x Mogensen
Lenny x Sierra Designs x Volvo


W.E LP's

William Eggleston shots on LP's by- Alex Chilton/Silver Jews/Big Star/Joanna Newsom
Democratic Camera at LACMA.


Book Launch=Marc Hundley>Weaverbird & Other Words, published by RAINOFF books at Ooga Booga this sat 5-7 pm ~details.


Native American (?) river cane basket-hard to tell how old or new this one is, seems like a modern take on a traditional lidded storage basket with the addition of articulated handles, beautiful work. Cree beaded crown 1950's...I spotted/coveted these items on a road trip months back and Les went back to find them for me >< ()!

*Although I'd originally listed this as a Chitimacha basket-which is how it was identified when sold-I've since been contacted by a representative from the Chitimacha tribe correcting this error (thanks Kim).

**As when Mr Aubock corrected me on the issue of the coat hooks-I always appreciate being schooled on the material represented herein by those more familiar/connected to particular objects and their cultural significance.

In house relatives here and here.


Cord Duck

Found at Rose Bowl yesterday/yay.



Acoma basket pot & Navajo thunderbird hand punched silver/turquoise pin (RB today)
Sioux sinew/beaded crown-front and back (PCC last weekend)
In house relatives here, here and here.



Thanks Les!


Favorite corners and the return of books. also

If anyone can locate a vintage Borge Mogensen Shaker Table or Hunting table within the states, better still LA please email me...there may even be a reward in this! ready4thehouse@gmail.com



Vintage WW2 hand made ring from a creative bugger on the USS Wren, pounded and engraved from a silver half dollar (the date 1944, and the word DOLLAR are visible on the inside of the ring)-I love the freeballed font and pitted engraving style of the letters, the crafting- uniformity of the form and wall thickness is also impressive for an off duty project...found at the PCC yesterday.

*This guy shows you how to make your own-Bri Pettis
**This guy sells you the ones he makes-spirtual flyer



1930's-40's (?) black enamel/brass compact industrial desk light-mini helmet, cricket lamp, travel lamp etc etc...I love these lamps but I usually see them in the wrong places/prices-found at PCC today.

1970's articulated shade lamp with magnetic base, made in Switzerland-found at the flea in Vienna in 07 (got to go back).


Birdwell Blues

Some weirdness happening at the Birdwell HQ-judging from the recent postings on their home page (and America's best website)....hopefully waving not drowning, but it still had me calling South Willard to throw some trunks aside :-o.....thanks Andy for the wire!

*split fading blues of the Birdwell Interior



#1-summer of 1992- I dive into shallow water after many beers on the beach in San Remo some crazy feeling and comic scream underwater (shoulder dislocates)-walk up the beach squared off/funny lookin shoulder friends and local kids laugh-local doctor sets it straight

#2-sometime in 1994 whilst being stupid at a Dinosaur Jr show in Melbourne, (during support act)- made it to the hospital and back in time for the 20 minute solo's (thx KT)

#3-sometime in 1995 during my sleep-it woke me up pretty fast-emergency room again

#4-early part of 1999-backstroke at the local pool, confirming the pointlessness of backstroke-ambulance comes and administers great stuff and the muscles spasm and the shoulder returns to proper place

#5-skip to sumer 2006, boogie boarding in OC, it cost more than a Borge Mogensen sofa for the OC ninjas to put it back in place (I'm with you M Moore)

#6-summer of 2009, tying up a rowboat in WI-boat pushes back shoulder pops out and I fall into lake-really crazy hollering is heard on the lake (first successful attempt to reposition shoulder in socket by myself)

#7-today, *never position an extension ladder over a Navajo saddle blanket on a wooden polished floor, the ladder slides out, you fall and stupid shit happens to your body (second successful attempt to reposition shoulder back in place)
**electrician laughs a lot



Michael Ned Holte goes back to the source for This Long Century-here