Tokyo Arms

Ian McDonald, bay area wizard at Play Mountain Tokyo-finishes 3rd July!


'Organic Before It Was A Thing'

I finally made it here after living off In-N-Out in Burbank during work stints, this place is weird, awesome and probably good for you, thanks Kathy :-@
ps-my other favorite Burbank bite here.



Shitty sticker shots~LBC May & June
HELP STAMP OUT HODADS...:-)))middle drawer, right hand side.
ps-GG's relationship/link to the Curtiss P-40 Warhawk Bomber anyone?


call me Metta World Peace

Ron Artest files to change his name to Metta World Peace, details here.
~other awesome things Ron has done of late
>auctioned off his championship ring to raise awareness of mental health issues-here
>gotten intimate with crazy animals as part of a Jimi Kimmel prank-here



Lesley Vance at David Kordansky
~it's going to be good...details here



>Hopi Kachina, Mondrian core-1960's...in house relatives here and here.
>Native American pot...not sure from where, I like the applied lines and scale of this one.
>Early Navajo cuff, circa 1900, ingot silver with crude bezels/stones, I WILL say cosmic.
*I finally buckled and got this from Harold (sadly his last time selling at the Bowl)
**Well Your'e doing the right thing son, buying into the early stuff
>Cochiti Pueblo, fish 1950's, this thing is so perfectly weird, found at LBC~more.
> Navajo cuff, 1920's, 30's, ingot silver/turquoise, wonky, wizardy, right on.


Don't Call It A Comeback I've Been here For Years

Jeff Mangum, announces tour dates!

*for those of you/us who have been listening to that same crunchy boot from the Madison show from the late 90's as a way to expand on the Neutral Milk diet, perhaps something will surface out of this resurfacing.



>Nice find-Japanese buyer with a JACK'S of Huntington Beach single fin Paipo (will it ever see the ocean again?)

>this guy got these beautiful Altec Lansing speakers, custom slate top/walnut and then a pair of old JBL's further down the aisle

>the best tag i've seen for a while

>Jungle Shorts! our friend Kathy planted this word in my head the night before the bowl, and there they were- a small litter of them...the big E's on top came home for the legs of the house, still cracking the Levi's Davinci code-hidden rivets + selvedge inside coin pocket.



Vintage Alvar Aalto breakfast table with one leaf extension, birch and powder blue linoleum, artek- 1960's?.....from the bowl/Sunday.



The best 3 bucks I spent at the bowl on Sunday....
In the same loot vault as this one.



Echo Park Pottery mug set, a late thank you to Peter for these~keeping us well caffeinated at work.

South Willard also cultivating a shire corner.



Beautiful group of Salish or Lilooet baskets, British Columbia....the round one's could be Nootka and appear not as old as the large storage baskets. So I've been chasing these over a month at 3 different flea's, the seller finally putting them back out again at PCC last weekend~they are so perfect in form and design, the rectangular ones especially with the rudimentary imbricated patterns...great lucky group.

*crazy collection/archive on ebay here.

Who Is [Jeff Mangum] ?

This is too good-sound is low sorry....Jeff Mangum gets a second shout out later in the episode, maybe as good as the Violent Femmes appearance on Sabrina.



~cleverdicks iphone edit.

1-Roy McMakin's holy laundry upper cabinet in the oldest house in beverly hills

2-Freddy Nilsen's~Pot's plumbing/home depot record storage solution- Brewery, circa 98?.

3-House of Hardwoods-wooden glides.

4-In house public trail repairs (boro bridge)~it's pale but it is redwood.



Debut full length on Tompkins Square here.
a little ways back when here.


Charmed Circle

Beatrice Wood's copy of Charmed Circle=perfect triangle.
~found at Bart's Book's-these guys are awesome-(thanks Ryan)

*ps if you have not seen Midnight In Paris you crazy.

Homeshow Revistited

Florian Morlat's, anti monument to The Dovers-installed as part of the Homeshow Revisited in Santa Barbara....all artists selected by Michelle O'Marah who is showing her video portraits at Contemporary Arts Forum=roadtrip!

details here.


Artists on AbEx

Artists on AbEx/Artforum

Ei Arakawa, Richard Prince, Katharina Grosse, Lesley Vance, Nicole Eisenman
above, Lesley Vance, Untitled (44) oil on canvas, 16 x 14, 2010



Liubov Popova textile and dress designs from the mid 20's.
related post here.