H.C.V examining his weekend finds-Joe Zuni snake dancer bolo/Eddie Bayuka bolo/mystery bolo-could be Leekya-Dan Simplicio or a combination, following the clues of the turquoise type-filed nugget style and bezel/last image-John Gordon Leak knifewing inlay cuff (my find)- the detective points out the angle cut of the knees.
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what do you expect for $1.95-Paradise Lost?

New Numbers/Logue~Knopf 1970
Thanks Rob!
~more Logue here


Now I got worry.
R: all Carol Kee
L: mixed bag



Henry/Mickey and Mickey face rings, Zuni 60's-70's~coral-mop-turquoise and jet channel inlay.




We inherited what was billed as a few boxes of classical records from our neighbors today~ some very welcome curve balls among them...I wish Phil Spector had produced every Ramones album and I wish graphic designs spent more time looking at Folkways LP's. Plays in the Canyon/Stays in the Canyon.



My Blog/Your Job

Kaweah-this fella is a big fan of this blog-I lost count at 50 reposted images.
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LBC finds from sunday AM~Washoe (?) basket-early 20th century, the asymmetrical design, and weaving quality is beautiful on this one/Zuni thunderbird stone to stone inlay bolo circa 1940-50's-has the early soldered wire slide on the back (year of the bolo)/Navajo ring 1950-70's-ingot silver and spiderweb turquoise, unidentified hallmark on band-this thing has a satisfying sculptural weight & balance and a lot of wear- you can see the \\\/// line on the side of the bands are almost gone.

In house relatives here and here.



Beautiful watch cuff by Navajo jeweler Tommy Singer, 1950's-worn by a chap at LBC yesterday.



Rainbow man pin by Leo Poblano c 1940's-50's, turquoise, m.o.p, spiny oyster and jet stone.
~a larger pin than most of the others I have, and more intricate stone work, it's hard to see in these shots but the bezel and stones are really worn down on the hand tips and crown-this piece was loved/worn well by it's original owner.

In house relative here.
*thanks to Toshio for helping me identify this!~
his blog here, his (awesome) book here.

Morning Light Facing East

Aya's Topanga getaway /shack\.
*all shots Aya Muto~more in issue 140 of Casa Brutus (click on back issues)


Sun Sun

Sister Corita Kent silkscreen (or serigraph?) signed/framed & ceramic tile mosaic signed (I can't make it out) 65...kinda reminded me of this~both found at the bowl yesterday.
*In house Corita relatives here.



Flashlight bargain from the bowl this morning~from a stack of stuff from an old mental institution...nice articulation-ball joints-wear...my new work lamp. Junkyard Jielde.

Swivelier now.



Zuni mosaic inlay Mickey pendant circa 1970's....all the right stones and spacing-unsigned.
In house relatives here-here-here.