Stan Bitters, Stonehenge series, at South Willard = sophisticated Wizardry.
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John Divola, Zuma Series, 1977-78~thanks to Tim and Jed for the point.
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Beach Boy Dada

Ken Price-throwing small bumps (off the hump), Alfred, NY, 1958.
Ken Price-riding small bumps, Malibu, CA, 1961. (1st seen on AB's)

Before joining the Otis group , he had been something of a Beach Boy Dadaist, a surfer-turning-artist who , like most other Otis potters, had "no idea what it meant to be an artist because there weren't any of them around." The closest thing to artists and art were surfers and surfing, whose finest moments, as with any sport, had given Price a glimpse of grace achieved through the efficient mastery of relative simple means: a waxed board, a wave, a little wind, a distance to cover. If nothing else, being an artist meant attaining, then preserving indoors, the sense of freedom, control, and even elegance Price had experienced outdoors, riding waves at the beach.

Edward Lebow, Ken Price, The Menil Collection, Housten Fine Art Press, 1992.



General Electric floor lamp, 1940's, I liked how elegant and simple this was without being too eastcoastbloggerticktheboxindustrialamericana etc. The LBC seller suggested it may have been a medical lamp due to the fine wire mesh cover~"It's so you don't get a mouthfulla glass if the bulb breaks on you".


R.W.S +

More Schaap's~Shore bird, confidence decoy, both carved pine circa 1970, again the economy/abbreviation of markings is so great on these guys....from LBC on Sunday.
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(((O))) Brother~world of Lansing here.



Summers cotton, pantaloons, 1920's, made in Los Angeles, good condition and fit (though the blogfellas were laughing)-Ready For The Beach House, from the bowl last Sunday.



Rose Bowl~greasers, wizards, mountain clowns and beach heads.


RIP John McCracken

Christopher Knight's LA Times obituary here.



Goot loot from PCC last Sunday~early Eames wire base table, nice wear to the ply and laminate surface to this guy/Playskool Postal Station for letters of all shapes/small Navajo trading post weaving, pillowtop?/Tahono O'odham (Papago) basket, this is one of the largest barrel shaped forms I've come across + VG condition/Krazzee Korduroy shirt, 1960's, the collar needs a haircut.


17 h's

David Smith 17 h's, painted steel, 1950.
Cubes and Anarchy at LACMA.



Item I didn't Buy: full zoo of 1930's-40's celluloid cast animals, made in the USA and Japan~ hollow, light and beautiful-$600 clams! at PCC today