Occupy Brancusi

Pierre Huyghe at Fiac...thanks Rodlarod for the trail.


The Other Side Of The Moon

Woman Artists of the Avant-garde~Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen
*thanks Matty!


Grapefruit Record Club

The only club I'm a member of sends me beautiful records 4 times a year.



Another woody from LBC flea last week-paint job is Arp-core on this one.
~more by the same hand (scroll) here.


Old (huge) Zuni Kachina mask bolo = wife threatens divorce if it's ever seen around my collar.
-going bolo here
-something to work towards here
-in house relative here



Willem de Koonings home and studio 1982 via AD.
Elaine de Kooning BRINGING the purple.
*thanks Les/Natasha



Washoe basket circa 1900-1915-beautiful patina and condition-a deep find/tiny Pima Basket/Apache basket~less sure about the dates on the smaller ones, maybe mid century...from LBC last weekend.



From Tokyu Hands to my hands...I've been on a steady diet of these since 03, they scribe like no other-the striped Memphis ones were a nice surprise-thanks (H)Andy!



Very first Lemonheads live show (as posted by the drummer), Evan Dando looks like Rodney Mullen's cooler older brother.



Rob Tufnell's new location opens this week in London~the space was designed by Edwin Lutyens in 1929...right by the Tate Britain. Ave a nice night sir~details.


Mixed Wizard

Two things snagging my mind from the weekend...the Navajo pin display on shrimpo jacket is a good sculpture~the Northwest Coast folk-core leather cap is high wizard gear...I'm almost there but the point to the hat is a sticking point (but it does have a salmon swimming through a portal split over two panels).
*top image from the Golden California Antique Show (amazing!) image gallery here.
~bottom image Rose Bowl.


Red canvas chore jacket with wool blazer striped lining/corduroy collar, warm/right on~from the Bowl on Sunday.

*no flashlight scrambling mosh pits at the bowl these days-too slow-here's to hoping things pick up for vendors, which would be a micro sign things were improving in Japan also.



I only purchased red things from the bowl on sunday. 1950's-60's? canvas shooting vest with yellow waxed canvas pockets & safety red back...it has a game pouch that snaps on also...think of Blinky Palermo going with the a tweaked version of the Beuys fly fishing vest.

In house relative here.



Depressingly Wizardy old Memory Jug from shebay.
*One I should have got way back then.
**Mike Kelly giving it a run for it's money here.


Carved Inuit Otter, it could be antler or walrus tooth~mid century or earlier from shebay.
So little done to the material to such perfect effect-smooth!
*In house relatives here....here and wooden otter here.


[] [] [] [] []

Individual shots of said boats.
*John you gotta dust off those wood working tools.



Handmade family of wooden/painted boats with carry case from PCC this week. This is one of my favorite all time finds, so much love has gone into these things-the perfect balance of rudimentary craft/woodworking, practicality and personal project pride (PPP). The way everything is accommodated in the case-held in by canvas covered blocks and the way all the colors and construction of the boats compliment each other has been driving me a little nuts-something kinda Calder/Bauhaus/H.C Westerman about this thing.
*In house relatives here.