El Ziddle

Steve's Paipo layout. Nose from Zildjian cymbal tail from Liddle-Somebody's had too much to think!

Be Good

Hitoshi's pins. Be A Good Neighbor, Coffee Kiosk, Tokyo.
Hitoshi's Polaroid Blog Here Today.



Swimsuit Department merch...thanks Takahiro!


Dart For My Sweetheart

Archie Bronson Outfit here-The Talented Mr Windett here...danke Connors for linkage!


Bright Box

Box made for boxes of nails from remodelers scraps.



Numbers cut from sprue and cleaned up with minimal metal chasing and hand filing (props Manuel)-preserving all the original wax texture, junction details etc. Next is getting threads tapped and brass hang rods attached-then patina and Ready For The House.



I just noticed this round the bend today, it's so nutty it works and the swans seem safe and watchful on the higher ground.


# 3

House numbers poured/cooled and in shell/shell removed/sandblasted.


Squirrel Bait

2 x studio tables/found & washed rocks/the Ken Price ya shoulda blogged/lady match for Comme De Garcons/bronze/navajo saddle blanket & Wegner heart group chair.

The Vanishing Collector


# 2

The wax house numbers gated and in shell stage at the foundry-the first layers of shell are super fine and painted on to pick up all the detail, subsequent layers are dipped to form a thick casing which is fired, melting out the wax and producing an empty mold for the bronze pour.


Unstitched panels from a Sioux indian pouch, early 20th century, beautiful handiwork & color combinations-from Rose Bowl yesterday.


# 1

I made these house numbers in wax doweling (freewheeling the font) during foundry lunch break today-to be cast in bronze-tapped and fixed to the house with brass pins....more details if they survive the fiery furnace.

Head Scratching Bargains

Our almost famous triple team yard sale is happening again this Sunday with extra loot from 2 household moves-call it necessary editing!....this time it's back in Highland Park all details on craigslist here.
*This chap went straight for the grey felt stetson last time, it looked great on him, I hope it's getting some sun.



Hopi Kachina doll 1940's/50's, perfectly notched and colored with delicate details like the leaf/rattle held in the hands and applied feathers. From PCC last Sunday.


PCC Tomorrow

Sterling silver Bear charm/souvenir from Lone Pine CA, from PCC last month.



Finally made it to J.B. Blunk at Blum & Poe today. See it-details here.