Joe Brainard's Studio

The Woodworker

Woodworker John Nyquist, from LA Times......thanks Les.x.


Sukiyaki Western Django

Takashi Miike's new film........outfits from the Rose Bowl?


WW2, USN Denim Deck jacket, won on ebay.



Tembea/Baguette Tote, made by Torso design, Japan, from Tortoise. Ejvind A Johansson, Dining Chair, Beech, manufactured by F.D.B, Denmark,1957, from ebay.

Broadway Ken

When I attempted to live in London, visiting Ken's stall at the Broadway Market was a neat Saturday morning activity......well chosen clothes and shoes pitched with narrative glee and tailoring suggestions. Pictured here looking like Mick Fleetwood in the company of shawled ladies.


Mr Pink

Our friend Kathy is managing these sublime pop rascals, during the tour they dropped by WFMU to record a live set. Calm Me Down, a Human Expression cover from the session could be my new favorite song.......stream tracks here. An Ariel Pink album, to be recorded with this new (and awesome) band line up is on the cards....thanks KR!


Exile On Main Street/Los Angeles 1958

Finally saw The Exiles today at the Hammer Museum, I've been curious since seeing clips in Thom Anderson's Los Angeles Plays Itself. It was screened with Kent Mackenzie's short documentary Bunker Hill, filmed when he was a student prior to making The Exiles, the films as a pair representing two very different social demographics and alternate speeds of life on Bunker Hill in the late 1950's. It's a beautifully shot film, politically and cinematicaly ahead of it's time.


Some great style from JFK JR......more hair, corduroy, boar's tusk necklaces etc here.


Seasonal Details

Eames studio wall with foliage. Pretty Potting. Vertical snails, Debs park, LA. Hiking path=log subtraction, Big Sur, CA.


Out On Display

Homemade outdoor kiln, cemented into a driveway in Mt Washington, LA. POSTALCO stationary, from Japan, on display at South Willard, LA. Someone's awesome idea as to how a planter should really look, involving marbles and sea shells, just missed at Rose Bowl market last week.

More Boro

Some more Indigo and vegetable dyed, Japanese Boro cotton pieces. The first two shots are front/back of the same super thin indigo piece, fine stitching and also some moth handiwork. Second piece is a heavier homespun cotton in a beautiful warm plaid (Koshi) design, found locally - with thanks to Ryan and Kelly!

Boots:His + Hers

Boots for another climate.....we figure winter in Wisconsin. Vintage LL Bean, Bean Boots, and Red Wings from Denim Revival, Los Angeles.


Souvenir De France

Hand engraved/punched brass ww1 missile shell case. Reads Souvenir De France and has thistle design on the other side. Word. War. 1914/1918, is punched in around the base....found at PCC market a few weeks back.


Indigo Line

Japanese indigo dyed cotton, resized, washed and drying in the California sunshine......to be used as dinner napkins.



Mauritius is the holiday destination for both my mother (who in Mauritian) and my friend Jimi this month, happy holidays!...........ps-what am i doing wrong?


Button Down

Thanks Jess!, button maintenance begins soon......

The Weekenders

Ellen with new bike and Spencer in double white at Rose Bowl. A beautiful modern trespasser. Van E.E Rogers kicking back in good company (David Noonan collage, Stan Bitters ceramic tile).

Japanese Indigo Blues, Vol 2

Possibly my all time favorite market finds here, again from Rose Bowl today. First four shots are of a Boro/Sashiko farmers garment, beautifully constructed from indigo dyed cottom, layered and loaded with repairs and additions for warmth. It becomes this dense collage which is almost Encyclopedic in it's cotton indigo/vegetable dyed variety. The last two shots show dyed indigo cotton/hemp pieces with limited repairs and well proportioned for future scarfs.

'For some time within Japan boro was regarded with shame because these utilitarian textiles are strong evidence of rural Japan's impoverished past'.

Deadstock Day

All American type items from Rose Bowl today. 1950's rayon/polly cotton quilt, nice color scheme eh?. Deadstock Vietnam Tigerstripe Camouflage jacket with bellow pockets and crisp tag. USN WW1 deck shirt, light green herringbone cotton. Raglan sleeve sports t-shirt, deadstock 1960's. Red, White and Blue striped deckchair, 1950's. Articulated workshop lamp, brings the light to you!.


Ground Trouble Jaw

The Latest offering from Southern California's pop dandy, Richard Swift is yours for free here.


After The Gold Rush

Some looks to aspire to here, the chap in the top photo is wearing a pleated front denim jacket, possibly an early Levis.