Navajo blanket/poncho made from two narrow woven panels sewn together, natural carded/spun wool. Found at Ventura flea last month, directly opposite C street-can cause some priority dilemmas!. This Sunday Diggers.



Glide/Glas dance floor sipper: OK L.A.
Soda Cone holder: The Apple Pan L.A.



Aldrich Place. And.


+ Auböck

Auböck brass stacking egg cups for two/brass pipe snuffers/ceramic S+P shakers. Collected in Vienna with the exception of the pipe snuffers-found at Lawson Fenning, Los Angeles.


:-: +

Two-Two Grey Hills style Navajo rugs found at PCC this month, minor damage to the top smaller rug, the larger one being in great condition with a few minor (and dated) repairs. The Two Grey Hills regional style, using only natural wool carded and spun in different ratio's to produce, greys, browns, beige and white was promoted by JB Moore at his Crystal trading post in reaction to the color explosion in navajo weaving brought on by the introduction of German Town yarn and Analine dyes.
In house relatives.


+SW Ceramics

More south west pots from the same Rose Bowl group, the top one maybe south of the border-I'm new here.

Coil On

Zuni Potter.

SW Ceramics

Small Zuni and Acoma pots, part of a small group found at Rose Bowl last weekend which came from one estate, collected in the 40's through 60's. I like finding intact elements of an individuals collection, their careful selection informing your own accumulative direction/disorder.



Tahono O'odham basket, mid century-from Rose Bowl last sunday.

Canyon Carpenter

Our carpenter will update the chronology, scrawling his details on the reverse side before this panel goes back between the walls. Max's Altaired kitchen drawer here.


RIP Doug Fieger

"I had never met a girl like her -- ever, she induced madness. She was a very powerful presence. She had an insouciance that wouldn't quit. She was very self-assured. ... She also had an overpowering scent, and it drove me crazy."
Doug Fieger on Sharona.

LA/AM :-)


Bread & Tool Hold

My demo tool box made from the 1960's kitchen fallout-bread drawer + cabinet trim + four screws. Bonzer.


Rose Bowl Tomorrow


Inuit figure, whalebone, mid century, holding something in his hand which I can't make out, perhaps another fishing/hunting scene. Carved from a smaller bone with the outer smooth surface of the bone present on each side. In house relatives here.


Norwegian Wool


From PCC last Sunday-this one is bringing a number of worlds (and tags) together-a nod to the T man in Norway :-)
In house relative here (my camera shortchanging the reds)


May Co Sale

I found this flyer behind the stove whilst doing some demo work at the new house. It's an invitation to a sale that took place decades ago, addressed to the actor James Anderson who lived in the house during the 1960's. Known as a hired gun/bad guy in various westerns of the day, but perhaps most famous for his portrayal of Bob Ewell in To Kill A Mockingbird.

Click on the images to get an idea of May Co's pricing in the 60's-$69 suits! Use your Charga-Plate. No Down Payment.


New Centurians

New folks up on This Long Century including the Vance-here.



Thonet stools grabbed at PCC this weekend, pre war paper label, perfectly thrashed but stable. A previous sitter has chopped an 'angry inch' from the bottom of the legs of one stool making it sit slightly lower. Irrationally under priced beauties.

Bleeding Thumb Whittling Club

Spoons by Hugh and Mark/Skull, Bart, Psychedelic Bart by Jack/Medieval Monster by Gerry

More whittlin and blood here.


Wild Shrimp

TCB travelling 1st class at the PCC today. Photo: Kelly.
*more smalls in bags here.

Creature Comforts

I got back from the PCC and threw down my loot, I think Leonard approves-more soon.


PCC Tomorrow

Blake's Place

Thanks Sir Tufnell for this-previously Blake's other place.


Kathryn Andrews-January 23 chromed steel, magnets, balloons, 2010.
Right On-via DKG. photo: Fredrik Nilsen


Ready For The House

View out the window of a house we now officially own. Keys in hand-Canyon Rats!