The Right Wing

The Right Wing= Jason Meadows, Evan Holloway & Stan Kaplan

~playing with Wounded Lion at PØST tomorrow night (Mon 31st)
1904 E 7th Place, Los Angeles, CA 90021, 7-10pm.....map

*Jason Meadows, Bald Eagle, mixed media, 2008.



The past few weeks of winter in Los Angeles have been silly beautiful.
*take note thy Philly Rats!


Marz Barn

Kurt Schwitters Merz Barn narrative here.
moving the Merz Barn here.
*Image Copyright Fred Brookes 1965
Awesome Schwitters sculptures here.



1960's A.Rifkin & Co canvas/leather safety sacs with chain stitching and keys intact~from rose bowl this month.

RIP Charlie Louvin

I feel really fortunate we got to see Charlie Louvin play a few years back-listen to his Interview with Terry Gross here....Pitchfork obituary (more clips) here.



Chore jacket tag/where I wish I got my hair cut/shop local/Jimi's 'Prisoner' fan club keyring/patches that were too American/an awesome jacket that just did not fit.



Gerry 60/40 rust,nylon navy reversible down vest 70's-from fleabay.


RN 26094

1940's Champion woolen sweatshirt w/ talon zipper~thanks for the trade Mr A!
...so close to WI
reference librarian's champion tags ere.

Ruth Duckworth "Nature Is Sexy"

Ruth Duckworth's House (sorry about the guys)


Good Chair Bad Chair

Josef Frank & Eames at Liberty of London.....last trips rip.

:-):::): & :-( [o]<:

Hers-Fleabay x Xmas=:-)
His-Rosebowl x Jan=:-0
(banned by wife-no going bolo till retirment etc)
-both Navajo circa 1940's


1930's-40's Sunspel tags/box-from the counter display in London.



click to read.


>(:-] (+) "('')"

Hopi Kachina mask, rattle and painted ceramic tiles, early 20th century-also.
In house Kachina's here + here + here.
S.T.A here.