Piano Spell

The Awesome piano lady of Swanston and what she sounds like.

Dinosaur Jr's

The Dinosaurs that ate LA sculpture. My sisters dinosaur armatures- prepared for paper mache treatment in her special needs art class.



Late loot from Rose Bowl weeks back. Baseball plate- there were boxes of them made for a baseball themed restaurant in Arizona in the 60's which never materialized/Blue canvas & leather tool bag, UK 1950's/Ideal canvas duck shooting jacket with mad lining/Handmade hospital step stool, the ultimate studio companion/Dyed cotton LA County flag 1950's.



Handmade shooting vest, constructed from stitched together vintage canvas shot bags. The crazy thing about this item was all the duck feathers & muck inside the back flap pocket, read- used item. Nice functional pocket detailing and composition, some consideration sewn into this one-won on ebay.


Rose Bowl Misc's

Items he walked away from...folk art stained glass storage stool, 1940's/home loomed Vader tapestry/Velzy log painted over in prison wall pink.


International Paving

Good News.


More woolen pixel growth looming on David Noonan's tapestry. Previous stage here.


SD/MP Quilted

Nice quilted version of the SD/MP with early tag on ebay right now for the M's out there. Never seen this version or the navy/tan combo. Shoot to thrill. In house relatives.


Tears On The Console

Some of my favorite Holyground images and records, an under appreciated archive of great folk music from the UK's first Independent record label. Eveything you need to know here.

Whale Hunter

Inuit whale bone carving of a fisherman, the harpoon is missing, as is the whale, presumably the figure would have been kneeling either on ice or a boat. The patina is beautiful on this, I was told it was turn of the century, and either Alaskan or Canadian I don't know too much about these pieces, but it may be my favorite Rose Bowl find to date.

The vendor also had some very creepy WW2 era shrunken head replicas made from goat skin and other great/weird things, confirming my theory that if the seller looks anything like Ronnie Van Zant, or even a Skynyrd fan they usually have good stuff.



Akio demonstrates his pleating technique and attaching a spout on a teapot form thrown at Heath, LA, today. Working with a dark Laguna clay body and throwing it fairly dry, Akio worked through various forms over a couple of hours from sake bottles, tea bowls to larger plates. A generous and humble performance, thanks Akio, Adam & Aya.

RB Loot

The AM/RB loot, some neat things to be sorted soon.



Seems everybody is falling lately-SG wearing it well/it inflates like the Reebok Pump!

Akio Nukaga

Akio Nukaga opens at Heath, LA tonight, with a wheel throwing demonstration from the Japanese ceramicist tomorrow. The work is incredibly beautiful, tactile and practical, I can't stop thinking these things...if Morandi made ceramics etc. Above- in house pleated bottle + Frank Lloyd Wright crumb/large bowl with spout from the Heath show. These will walk fast Info here.

Rose Bowl Tomorrow

1950's Mason cotton baseball shirt with chain stitch trim...not exactly my team colors, but a nice shirt- from a few bowls back.



We saw Girls play last night with Cass McCombs at Bootleg Theatre...a really tight live sound, bouncing somewhere between the Boomtown Rats and Dinosaur Jr, inneresting.


Asking The Dust etc

I only read LA books now.


Where I Was Not

Some shots Les brought back from Stockholm. Hand of Aldrich + nail. Thing I wish she'd purchased, Jielde table lamp etc. No rabbit dancing on grass. The topside/underside of giant lily pads. Community garden shacks. Bears at play.