Teenage/Track/Time Machine/Bumblebee from L.B.C.
It may yet be stripped :-o.


Lost Weekend/Wizards

A few of my favorite weekend wizards/wear~first shot, left hand Frank Vacit (Zuni) ring and clasped cuff, right hand petty point whirling log ring and Zuni mosaic/channel inlay horse bracelet. I love this lady's yei trimmed suit and monster squash blossom-serious. Fellow at the bottom had some neat pin scatter, the Juan Dideos cast silver/turquoise knifewing top right is A+.


Farewell Ken Price

Ken Price 1935-2012-Christopher Knight's LA Times obituary here.
*make sure you catch this.



New finds for the bolo chamber-both Zuni Antelope Kachina variations-top one is older and has a nice combo of stone to stone and channel inlay/stamped silver drops + the old slider style loops c 1940's...the other one is more recent but still nice stone to stone work and raised mouth piece-the bennett stamp dates it to the 50's-60's.

In house relative here.



WW2 A-2 russet horse hide leather bomber with cotton lining~from LBC this weekend-I never see them in this condition-a few holes in cuffs/waist band but otherwise perfect. Pilot identified through the name tag as John W Worsdell Jr...I'm not sure what the information on the inside of the pocket flap is-perhaps the ship/plane?. I like the concealed snap down collar and pocket flaps on these-also a slimmer cut...it was one of those purchases where you are surrounded by a few lads waiting for you to put the item back down (flea markets = public dressing rooms)...no I don't want to sell it.

In house relative (summer flying jacket) here.
A-2 in detail here.

Toward the Low Sun

Today is a good day.
The new Dirty Three Album (Drag City) is streaming on NPR.
It's been forever~Pray for US tour dates.



Peter Shire-beginning of the 80's
Roy Lichtenstein-beginning of the 90's

*via South Willard and Old Chum (a ways back).
**Glenn Adamson Lecture at LACMA this week~details.


Little Earthquakes/The Way Things Go


Just made this isolation shelf for my turntable out of a bike tire, spare ikea shelf, concave furniture cups, and bearing balls. My floors are really flexible and I was having a lot of problems with skipping even when I just walked within a few feet of my table. This totally fixed it; now I can listen to records during earthquakes.

Aesthetically it's not the greatest, but it'll do.


= MacGyver Core


Ha...yep, that's some vertical and horizontal isolation. I am pretty, pretty, pretty proud of myself.


You know you could have just used a piece of grey furniture foam right?

You went the Fishchli and Weiss route with the bike tube though

Keep inventing and send a photo that actually depicts the intervention!


The problem was way beyond what foam could fix, I tried it all..this is earthquake technology dude.


A photo that depicts the intervention? Like, my isolation shelf during an actual seismic event? I'll work on it..

*From Lesley's sister Ali in the Middle West.



Mosaic inlay cuff by Zuni jeweler John Gordon Leak circa 1940's-50's. Leak is one of my favorite of the C.G Wallace artists, his inlay work is blocky/simplified and always set into jet~in knife wing, dragonfly and butterfly designs. The tomahawk hallmark is Little Joe Begay, it was common for Wallace to have the Zuni do the inlay and Navajo silversmiths do the setting. (I'm not sure when this hallmark began to appear-you can see it on a few pieces also in Toshio Sei's book)

~picked up in Arizona...more Zuni.



[ U ]

United Airlines belt buckle~silver with turquoise & coral chip inlay made by Navajo jeweler Tommy Singer...I'm not sure how many of these Singer made, this one is stamped 17 on the reverse and has the TS hallmark. I love how the graphic sweep of the letters is slowed by the materiality of the micro tiled inlay.


Magdalena Suarez Frimkess, painted glazed Popeye tile, 2001~inneresting and crazy interview with her and husband/collaborator Michael Frimkess here, scroll way down for her section.

Marguerite Wildenhain/Pond Farm bowl~more delicate in form than other pieces I've seen from her....in house relative here.

Both from Los Angeles Pottery Show this weekend *thanks Karin for the Frimkess trail!




Thrashed Evelyn Ackerman rug (:-$20) and two Navajo blankets from PCC on sunday. The Navajo finds are in beautiful condition and good/weird colors-rugs of this size (either child's blanket or saddle blanket scale) are always more appealing to me than larger ones.

In house relatives here, here, here and major scroll here.


"I don't know why you didn't write it in surfer talk"

Steve Roden wrote a nice piece about Mike Kelley- Airform Archives.
+ the Mike Kelley Memorial in Highland Park.