This is a really go and see-thanks Alex for the push...showing at Nuart LA this week only.



Marguerite Wildenhain vase, 1960's/Pond Farm, Northern CA~from fleabay. Wildenhain was born in France and studied ceramics at the Bauhaus before relocating to the united states in 1940 and joining the Pond Farm school/artist colony near Guerneville-north of San Francisco where she lived and worked till her death in 1985.

She fired everything to cone 5, in an oxidizing atmosphere. Her active surfaces and glaze effects were achieved by the interaction of fluxes in the engobes and the particles of iron and manganese in the clay body. Effects that I expected to be the result of a reducing fire were obtained in oxidation, and the basic methods have never had to change.

Richard Petterson, Ceramics Monthly, march 1977.


Akio Nukaga vases, from his recent show in LA some nice bulbous organic forms this time around, and still a few beautiful pieces on the shelves at Heath. We were honored to host Akio and his family for tea and ceramic/baseball banter on his recent trip (thanks Aya!) and wish them well as they start straightening up the bricks~Akio's blog here.


Vestiarium Scoticum

Vestiarium Scoticum~John Sobieski Stuart, Charles Edward Stuart~Celtus~Nick Relph. Published by KTLB, edition of 500 printed.

This book is perfect, it comes in three alternate colored covers (RGB), I have one, I need the others, I picked this up at the Independent, NY, and I think they are slowly making there way into the right places/bookstores.

Nick Relph-ere...ere and ere


=Right On

After listening to After The Gold Rush in the car today Van said, "Daddy, Neily Young is a really good singer. He's better than Rock and Roll, Franz Ferdinand, all those guys!"

This is the wisdom of an almost three year old.



Lesson One

Harsh Patel @ Young Art, LA.



Old and Weird~Stan Bitters sumf birdhouse, three cutouts, trimmed and glazed red head, from shebay. In house relatives here, Stan is still turning birds for you here.


Back to the Rock



Back and still catching up on my trip, these were favorites from Moma's AB EX show~Rothko, Frankenthaler, Kranser and De Kooning.


Lloyd Oliver

WW2 Navajo code talker Lloyd Oliver dies aged 87~more here.
Navajo Code Talker story~ here.


Scarpa misc

More Carlo Scarpa~various vintage glass pieces for Venini, Murano & Olivetti showroom, Venice.
previously~ Cormac McCarthy's Olivetti.


Gio Ponti

Busto di donna, Gio Ponti, 1923....seen here last week.


Papa Scarpa

Carlo Scarpa's addition to the Querini Stampalia, completed in 1963, involving a ground floor entrance which accepts the fate of seasonal high waters and redirects the water over various levels in the most thoughtful/sculptural way. The stone tomblike door and the alabaster architectural sculpture (which is part of a simple water fountain in the garden) were my favorite elements, everything about this place is so peaceful, it was giving me the Schindler's...if you get here, the Belini painting-hung on an easel designed by Scarpa in the gallery upstairs is very special (no foto!)



Flowers for Les at Galeria Il Capricorno, 6:30pm & 7:30pm.