Fortunate Son

Grainy, but golden moment of Jim White ( Dirty Three ) drumming awfully close to Neil Young at the Bridge School Benefit Concert during Cat Power's rendition of 'Fortunate Son'. After providing percussion for the likes of Bill Callahan, Bonnie Prince Billy, PJ Harvey and Marianne Faithfull recently where is this man to take his snare drum next?


Jonathan Horowitz, Obama '08.


More Antique Malling

More from the antique mall run, some nice font and functionality running through this loot.
Unused butcher shop pencils. Waxed cotton hunting bag with leather trim and ties for fowl, no label, somewhere between the Duluth and Brady family of bags. L for Letter jacket, 1963...happy days. Canvas duffle bag, ww2?, smaller than usual. Storage plaque for holding/striking matches, a modest but useful fireplace accessory...now searching for the fireplace to match.

Love Is Overtaking Me

The wait is over....Arthur Russell's singer/songwriter side emerges from the archives today.

Those who have fallen in love with sound of Arthur Russell’s music through exposure to his disco tracks and compositional efforts will undoubtedly be surprised by
Love is Overtaking Me, as nothing here even tries to touch upon that stuff. Still, it plays like a revelation – a great set of raw, emotive pop tunes from a man whose heart always pulsed close to the surface.
Michael Crumsho, Dusted Review.

Book (Design) Stories

'From New Typography to Swiss Style- Modernist book design in Germany and Switzerland 1925-1965 (and beyond), already 508 books featured'.

Thanks to Yani for the link to Felix's annotated collection of books, and 'old American' guitars, from the Wiedler Family's virtual home. Scroll, read, learn more here.


The Wash

Two beautiful marbles from Pioneer Town, made by the glass blower's assistant, aka band mate. No, we do not own a 4wd, seriously stuck (and eventually rescued) in 'the wash' in Landers. Orchids, hundreds of them. Dogs for sale $40 each, Lab/Boxer mix, Yucca Valley swap meet.


Desert Bound....

Headed to Pioneer Town for a desert wedding...more posting next week.


Atelier Altmejd

David Altmejd's studio, Queens, NY- via The Selby.


Jed Lind

BCR's bootleg poster for Jed Lind's show at Jessica Bradley, Toronto (note Bucky's maple leaf lapel pin!)...well we never did get the official card right?

Sir Richard Bishop Plays Aquarius

Sir Richard Bishop is bringing his guitar and fingers to Aquarius Records, SF, this Sunday...details here.



Crown Coach Botanical

Images from Joyce Campbell's most recent project, Crown Coach Botanical, at Two Rooms, Auckland, NZ. Hand printed on B/W photographic paper from Ambrotype's shot on site in downtown Los Angeles. These works follow Campbell's LA Botanical, a series of (uprooted) plant portraits, with a focus on the medicinal and psychedelic properties attributed to each specimen.

Of Wondrous Legends

Looking forward to the OWL reissue from Locust Music...

“Proof that there´s still excellent albums out there to discover. Drawing mainly on art rock and early light-prog aesthetics, O.W.L deliver an ambitious song cycle which at its best transforms into dazzling psychedelia. A pro-level recording and elaborate arrangements that utilize keyboards, flute, vibes and multi-tracked male vocals make for an appealing surface, and unlike the typical Moody Blues derivates, there´s lots of personality and depth'.

Patrick Lundborg, author of The Acid Archives


UnWorked Wear

NWT 1950's-60's Deadstock French work jacket, according to the tag it is unparalleled in quality and guaranteed for 6 months from the manufacture date. Made from densely woven Moleskin fabric, and heading towards Yves Klein Blue in color. Moleskin was used for a lot of French and European Workwear (a substitute for denim), and is being utilized in current collections by Dries, Margiela etc. The heavy cotton is woven tight, then sheered on one side which creates a short soft pile on the inside of clothing and a comfy but hard wearing windproof exterior. Picked up at Mister Freedom here in LA.



Bastards-Thomas Houseago at Herald Street, London.


Antique Malling

I've discovered the American Antique Mall, it's like a compressed version of an outdoor flea market- more dust and cheaper tags, and the owners can often throw in some local narrative/historical perspective on your items.

Unused Tumbler note pad. Carved, unpainted wooden swan, super simple and sensitive hand behind this one, marked Elroy Pick 1978 on underside. John H. Batdorf's, WW2, Duffle bag. Detail of 1950's bonded cotton trench/mackintosh with sealed seams and neat tailoring.

Shoe Gaze

Gauging up thy footwear for fall. Vintage 1950's Russell Oneida moccasins, with double vamp leather sole.....feels like walking around bare foot. Quoddy Trail Moccasin Co, navy boat shoe with calfskin lining. Quoddy Tracker Ankle Boot with natural crepe sole, these are pretty mountain man, and generally confined to natural excursions. Russell's available here and Quoddy's here- and also at South Willard (hello blue bluchers!).


Nice Diggs Larry!

Larry's new house, McAlmon residence, Los Feliz, Rudolph Schindler, 1935. More details on the OK blog.

The Oracle

An awesome, (and lengthy) profile on Arianna Huffington by Lauren Collins for The New Yorker is up online.

Beautiful Bursting Balloons

Some of high speed photography's greatest hits, via here.


Gimme Shelter

The Igloo Satellite Cabin, found on Materialicious...thinking these may be populating the American landscape any day now.


Our favorite international orphan Matt Connors has a show opening this week at Luttgenmeijer, Berlin-details here......Matt's travelogue/blog here.


Turnout Jacket

One of few things I picked up from the PCC this Sunday......scrambled in late/hungover. Globe Fireman's turnout jacket, L.A COUNTY stenciled on back-possibly late 60's or 70's, (I doubt they are still made of 100% cotton). Great details and hardware, the kind of elements being adapted as part of the current workwear trend in fashion...don't think I'll be wearing this one, more of a study in form/functionality.