The Political Seat

Known simply as 'The Chair', Hans Wegner's Round Chair, 1949 (PP 503) was made famous in 1960, seating Kennedy and Nixon during the first nationally televised presidential debate. I've also been enjoying spotting Wegner's and other danish modern extra's lurking in the 60's office spaces of Matthew Weiner's Mad Men.



Three Retablo paintings from Rose Bowl market a few weeks back. I saw a small exhibition of Mexican Ex-Voto's and Retablos, at the Douglas Hyde Gallery, last year, and now I've finally found a reliable local source to start my own collection.


Duty Calls

Limited posting for next two weeks........on studio lockdown.

Thanks Taka!

...for hunting down and delivering this awesome Tembea bag from Tokyo.


The American Dreamer

"I think that Michelle Phillips is probably really the only one that scared me badly....really got into my head. I find that people who play games scare the shit out of me because I'm dealing with a moment to moment reality and they're planning something to happen."

Dennis Hopper ranting in The American Dreamer.
Poster/Insert from The American Dreamer soundtrack LP, Mediarts, 1971

Stair Porn

Images from Stair Porn, one of my new favorite blogs, more here.


Hanging At Home

Finally these are hanging and lighting our entrance.


Danish stoneware bowl, clear glaze over dark clay body with nice indigo glaze inside. Japanese Boro futon cover, striped fabric with indigo panels and beautiful sashiko stitching. Another narrower Boro panel with vegetable dyed colors and flag like design, both in great condition and ready for the house. Set of Indigo dyed cotton Zokin, (dust rags) from Japan with sashiko stitching to hold layers together. Copper whisk bowl with brass ring, containing military academy leather/brass belt. All from Rose Bowl this week.

On Working/Blending In/And Staying Warm

Rose Bowl thread count from Sunday. Woody's description of Mitchel pattern camouflage Striker Jacket. The Jacket itself, inside and out, Summer leaf /Winter cloud, this pattern was mainly used for helmet covers in Vietnam....thanks Andy for the tip on the Mitchel design. 1940's dead stock French woolen undershirt. Headlight, union made, cotton twill work shirt, 1940's ( Headlight ceased production in the early 50's).


James Welling Gets Suburban

James Welling showing at The Suburban, Oak Park, IL, details here.


Kites Over Cairo

Off to Home Depot for materials to make one of these.....article in today's LA Times, clipped from South Willard news page.

Rose Bowl Stack

A foggy morning at the Rose Bowl, I found some great things before the sun broke through.... more detailed post later.


If In LA....

Matt Keegan's show, Now's The Time, at Anna Helwing Gallery, details of show and related happenings here.

Rose Bowl Market Tomorrow

One of my favorite sellers, and always my first stop......he has a great eye, and is clearly ahead of the ladies on the high waisted pant front. Market details here.


The Welders Chair

Industrial swivel chair, after 30 years of use in the metal chasing room at Andevan Bronze Works, Burbank, CA.

Eye Of The Turtle

Two printing variations to the pupil of the eye of the turtle on John Fahey's Voice Of The Turtle, Takoma Records, 1968. From my new favorite blog, dedicated to the detailed study of Fahey's recordings, down to every color change of the Takoma pressing label. Thanks Papa Jon for the link....more here.


More News From Nowhere

Nice T-shirt Mr Cave.


Brass on Beige

1890's South Carolina Militia uniform, a great find and fit with beautiful buttons and tailoring. The pantaloons have a buckle back and button up above the boot line, constructed of heavy cotton canvas. Brass buttons read *UNITED WE STAND*DIVIDED WE FALL* on front and PETTIBONE MF'G CO*CINNCINATI* on back, KSC pins on collar (to be removed). Promising to not wear the complete uniform or join any outrageous uniform nerd/reenactment groups ok.

Ways Of Seeing

A few of today's PCC finds. Small forest green binoculars with leather carry case, printed-SAIKO, MADE IN OCCUPIED JAPAN, PEACE, 4 X 30. Weird wooden molded mirror frame with sanded back enamel layers, 1940's. J.C Penny Co boot lacer (detail).


Hired Hands

Peter Fonda and Warren Oates in Fonda's The Hired Hand 1971.

Dining Below Deck

WW2 USN Silverware, stainless steel, made by Silco, USA. Gathering a set of these from my friends at ebay, straight up and functional design with nice hand punched detail.



Surarasama, Fajar Di Atlas Awan, released by drag city, and also available on vinyl for the first time. A musical collective from Sumatra with ethnomusicologists Irwansyah Harahap and Rithaony Hutajulu at the helm, heard previously on Smithsonian Folkways Music of Indonesia 20 : Indonesian Guitars, 1999. A solid, sound and beautiful record with perfect percussion.... giving world music a good name.