Savage Messiah

Henri Gaudier-Brezeska

GAUDIER - BREZESKA-A Memoir By Ezra Pound
The Vorticists-here...BLAST-here
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Scallops with tomatoes, garlic and cream recipe =right on (L&F's cookbook)
Hornbeck Boats-spotted up here and driving me nuts!
Clarice Cliff-pre memphis graphic madness...at local antique fair.
Iacono Farm- the best chicken I've ever cooked & the best cookies $ can buy.
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Smith-Taylor Cabin- help preserve this incredible site.



1926 signed Yankees ball-starting at $18,000~here
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Second Time Around

This image of our old place from Brutus (pre Lizard Cnyn) surfs the internet independently, by itself, It's like a stand up paddle boarder that won't go away until the sun is low and the entire population of California has been snaked.
~if you see it send it home.

Contents=mostly Atwater Pottery tea bowls and lone Akio bottle, BCR christmas orn, Nelson cigar, round Grabner, old Vance still life (of Heath bud vase), a chunk of Ennis, a good Russell Wright chair, a boring Nelson bench, an Aubock hook which turned out not to be, and Eames leg splint-yes Martin Boyce made AWESOME things with these.


Big Rig

George Greenough's modified camera rig for sale here, seems cheap for 500 hours of GG's time....Big Wed footage here....related rig here.
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Pollock Krasner House & Studio

We were fortunate enough to hear Gail Levin speak about Lee Krasner today, followed by a reception at the Pollock Krasner House & Study Center in Springs LI.
Levin met Krasner in the early 70's and became a huge supporter and advocate for her work, including her in the Whitney exhibition Abstract Expressionism: The Formative Years (co-curated with Robert Hobbs) - the first time Krasner would be considered as an abstract expressionist of the first generation.....literally one of the guys.
*Levin included one on Krasner's student paintings (to Lee's initial surprise), an abstract composition made during her studies with Hofmann, to illustrate her pre Pollock modernist roots. Her understanding of both Krasner and Pollock, their relationship, social, creative and critical context is incredible and is the subject of her new book, Lee Krasner, A Biography.

PS-if you go-go get a Pollock Burger around the corner here.
*Thanks A.B for the lead on the talk.




Picked up at Bart's in Ojai and finally read it on this trip, my first Fante outside of the Bandini saga, so good...if you make it to Bart's ask to see their stash of Black Sparrow Press cover prints.




~Aalto on Aalto, Paimio sconces 1933 (domo arigato J-san!)/Artek stacking stool.
~Connors on Aalto, something about the folding action of the table is happening in the drawing too...wait what the beach! [X].
~Native American basket collection hapily housed on Aalto shelf (which had me google imaging Haim Steinbach all day).


I just re-found this shot, my father (second from right)- probably mid 60's-easybeats era, Backbeach Rd, San Remo in Summer. I like the style on these lads, though the old man needs some shorts, or jungle shorts...workinclassIvy.
*more shots-same batch here....enjoy your summer.


4th Of July with Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson's 4th of July picnic, 1974-watch it here.
...still going here.