Carl Aubock fish bottle openers, the leather one found at the PCC for $10, accidentally triggering the in house collection (more later). Aubock coat hook from Vienna flea market. PCC tomorrow.


My new studio assistant?/Aspesi 1995. Thanks Jimi.



Vintage Sierra Designs 60/40 Mountain Parka, unlined version from eBay with little wear. In house relatives here and here. The Berkeley Barbour?


In honor of the return of LOST, season 5: 5 from Kurt Vonnegut, Jr, Dell books. A valentines gift from 08.


BCR's bedroom, Carbondale CO, late 1980's, the globe/lamp inclusion is somehow hilarious, guessing the Oakley frogskins are just out of frame?

Black on black on black tote designed by Andy Beach of Reference library and made by Steele Canvas Basket, MA (est 1921). This thing is giant and sturdy with beautiful, even brutal details and construction, the three materials all vary slightly in their quest for blackness. Just $ixty bucks from Kiosk.


David Berman folds the Silver Jews...complicated. Hopefully some more printed words to come out of this charming man in the future. Read Actual Air.



Canvas/Natural/Worn. Antigo Daily Journal, paper boy's delivery bag, c 1950's, found in Minocqua, WI. Mary Weirman's Canvas laundry duffle, F.D ROOSEVELT (USS Franklin D Roosevelt CV-42), thanks Andy for this one. Carhartt union made, sanforized work/shop apron c 1940's from eBay.


Shooting low in the studio with the Beach Boys. Image courtesy of Gerry Beckley (Mister Golden hair Surprise) via South Willard.



Ryan's Marianne Brandt mirror, front and back, won from eBay Austria.


In house Wolf Kings: Swedish, Dutch, French,and Italian 7' sleeves for John Phillips Mississippi/April Anne 1970.


Vintage Rocky Mountain Featherbed Co (Wyoming), down vests currently up on eBay, these have been going $tupid of late, an all leather version, (second image) reaching 1,500.00 U$D. Bottom image, vintage ladies (the lady's) late 70's Denver Down vest with sheepskin collar, Rocky Mountain Featherbed adjacent.These are being re-issued you know where, in house relative here. Mountain Clown?


Beach Clown

Beach Clown is the new style silently taking over this season, with labels like Band Of Outsiders & Dries Van Noten offering striped cotton shirts in sophisticated palettes. Whilst using the term 'Beach Clown' to specifically define a fashion style is a relatively new thing (*credit to Ms K.Breslin of Los Angeles here) its roots shoot back deep into the collective creative consciousness. Trying however to designate the original 'Beach Clown' can get as gratuitous as crowning an individual for producing the first striped painting.
All we know is this; that the Bauhaus were big players and early promoters of the Beach Clown aesthetic, and that by the time the movement reached the states it had been reconstituted into a somewhat softer more malleable 'lifestyle' movement. Whilst Brian Wilson's brothers denied his emphatic calls to name the band 'The Beach Clowns', for fear of being too closely associated with the style (viewed by many as European vice) they agreed to adopt the candy striped button down shirts as their signature look, and in doing so inadvertenty gave the Beach Clown movement its most enduring endorsement.


Holubar, Colorado, early 80's Gortex hooded windbreaker. USN, WW2 deck cap. Sierra Designs navy blue quilted nylon bomber, never seen this tag before, maybe 80's?. Sierra Designs nylon vest with 60/40 shoulder yoke, 1970's. US made gear for the mono season, from Rose Bowl.


Labourious, Mamma Andersson, 2008. More here.


One of my earliest posts was a photo of Frank Fairfield playing the dust out of himself at the Hollywood Farmers Market last year. I was pretty thrilled to see he has a 7' release out on Tompkins Square right now...could there be a better home for his sound? We think not. Further interweb research informs me that he's also been opening for Fleet Foxes of late.
*Frank Fairfield tracks also available on iTunes.


Late 1940's deadstock Ball-Band (est 1898) canvas sport shoes, made in Mishawaka, Indiana. Look for the red ball trademark at the sole of every Ball-Band shoe...from Rose Bowl.

New Order

1950's Public Library Cart, the records are happy to be off the floor...from Rose Bowl.



This is good, the legacy of the Langley School Music Project reverberating in PS22's version of 'There' by The Innocence Mission... More longhairs with guitars teaching children music please.Via Tim's new blog SAL MINEO'S GHOST.



Collapsible Victorian tea cart, steel, oak. Hand made plant stand, 1950's, painted steel, the top is a cut inverted gasoline can...something Evan Holloway about this rig. From PCC last weekend, Rose Bowl tomorrow.


O-shit, full story here. Pre-order from your friendly neighborhood comic store now