Percy Grainger

A bunch of great Percy Grainger shots up on Collected Photographs.

*above-Towelling clothes outfit c. 1934, Percy Aldridge Grainger and Ella Viola Grainger
Grainger Museum Collection, University of Melbourne~thanks Yanni for raising these!



Gorgeous Round cut Diamond engagement ring, GIA certified. 1.60 (tw) 18K Gold. Ring was originally purchased at $13,500.
Will highly consider trading for a pristine Volkswagon Vanagon or Euro Van camper. Thank you. 

link/craigslist L.A- here
more trading I say!
*thanks Ryan


 4 sides of whittled Popeye-thanks again Andy... good point!


Good Bombs.



Someone please find me some more of these, it's cut with something spicy/herby~thanks Remi!



Bill Traylor-Man Bending Back Smoking 1940.
Carol Kee- Mickey Pin/Zuni c. 1970.



Wizard stick outside of Terry Winters very Wizardy show...his friend picked it up in turkey.



Yves Klein Hand Made shirt via Mondo.
Y>K sweep the leg Johnny here.


From LBC yesterday-original pencil price 10 50.



Awesome mini's in the John Chamberlain show at the Guggenheim, made from scrap tin and old Tonka's- so much more air and space in these little guys compared to the jumbo's.
*Playskool block plinth in third shot :-!
**had me thinking of these again.

Who's Zoo?

Relaxed Muscle performing with Michael Clark group @ Whitney.
Aye/Good=Thanks Matt!



Faith in L brackets, digging this D.I.Y dinking rig~lower east side N.Y.

*the do a bit posse : term/tag was (to the best of my knowledge) coined by David Franzke and popularized by David Jolly in the colonies circa 1997.

Forrest Bess+Antique Roadshow

Thanks ol' Rich!