On Hardware

Hardware from other folks' excursions-in order: hardware cave of the valley (thanks Taka)/Wharton Esherwick brass figural light pull (thanks Andy)/Aalto brass door handle (thanks Michelle)



Navajo cuff, punched silver, turquoise 1920's-30's from Rose Bowl this month-thanks Andy for the push.


Good Wood

Boats (floating clogs) produced by Creative Playthings, New York 1960's?-from LBC flea.
*Reference Library guy's Creative Playthings archive here.



"But if you want my blessing for your home, it should have one further characteristic: you must give yourself away in some small detail. Your home should purposely show up some weakness of yours. This may seem to be a field in which the architect's authority ceases, but no such architectural creation is complete without some such trait; it will not be alive."
Alvar Aalto



Moby-returned in brass, whittled Moby here.

Miss Alaska

Hand sewn Inuit doll, tourist piece, 1920's-earlier, seal/leather/fur/felt construction with glass beads-from LBC on Sunday....ps I BUY OLD DOLLS NOW?



Best Buy Guy ever at LBC flea today-previous guys here and here.

A Little Touch Of Schmilsson

We just saw this today, it's a really great portrait of Nilsson, the archival footage is awesome, the talking heads are completely tolerable and enjoyable (only one extreme dye goatee)-so much to know and love about the guy, something about the emotional content of the film was reminding me of The Devil And Daniel Johnston. Go see before it goes.



David Noonan at David Kordansky LA-opens tonight.



Summer pairs: Borsalino + Vintage Sak's Panama (herhat)/Mogensens/1950's Navajo silver lighter sleeves (LBC + PCC respectively)


Tørbjorn Rødland-A Blank Ant Traveling- at Michael Benevento-opens tonight.



Beautiful small basket, tightly woven with single lines of glass beads, green and blue, waxy patina/signs of use. Pomo or Paiute (most Paiute beaded baskets of this size are more colorful and completely covered) 1930's or earlier was what I could gleam from the turquoise boys at the bowl....something precious/perfect about this one=new favorite.



Kicking Against The Pricks

At the Bowl today...Wasp nest (free with bad shirt purchase)/modified Teva's, this guy was as awesome as the foot-his friend made these as a birthday gift, bootlegging the style from a Lanvin $andal.
In house relative here.


Rose Bowl Tomorrow

Last Month's regret.
*In house relative here.


Rich Aldrich

Slide Paintings, opens at Marc Foxx tonight.


How To Build An Igloo

The Southwest Museum Needs Your Vote!

It takes less than two minutes to place your vote for a grant (National Trust For Historic Preservation) that could help re open the Southwest Museum in Highland Park.

Vote here (voting closes Sept 15!)-thanks to Ted and Carol for spreading the word.



Vintage Watts button/Screaming bear charm/60's Navajo watch band x Max Bill-from PCC on Sunday.


Take That

>An uncouth dresser A student wearing a football jersey top, a pair of cutoff shorts, and leather sandals. A typical example of uncouth style.

*excerpt from the POWERHOUSE books reprint of TAKE IVY.
**what they don't tell you-is the coolest kid in the book grew up to be this guy!



This is the best sculpture I've seen in a while, via Heath blog.