Atwater Pendant Lamps

Atwater Pottery pendant lamps, from Rewire, Los Angeles.


The Persistance of Otto Heino

Nice photos of Otto Heino by Mel Melcon as part of an LA Times profile by David A Keeps. Yes his home furnishings are killing me, the dream of a pair of Wegner papa bear chairs etc. There's also a neat video of the ol bugger at work, thanks Les for tip.....see more here.

DIY Record Lathe

Unreported Finds....

I'm bugging out, being in between markets right now, so i got to thinking on some favorite pre-blog finds from the PCC and Rose Bowl. Ornamental Relief, carved in black walnut, signed ER 92 on reverse, possibly a carving/guild student's exercise. Paul Mcobb wine rack for Raynor, painted steel, leather. 'Lone Eagle' block quilt, circa 1930, these block quilt's became a fashionable pattern following Lindbergh's flight across the Atlantic in 1927. Handmade sake warmer/jug?, the tin section slides off from the wooden handle, beautiful hinge and welded details.


small town talk

Zach Cowie of dj collective Small Town Talk played the perfect dj set to welcome in Robert Altman's Mcabe and Mrs Miller last night at Hollywood Forever Cemetary. The set including music from Robert Wyatt, Richard Youngs, Gene Clark and John and Beverly Martin etc is availiable as a download from the Cinespia site.

happy summer!


File: Big Sur

Full Moon rising over Big Sur. Les creekside at Ripplewood. Three Striped Shore Crabs. Looking north from Juilia Pfieffer point lookout. Inside a giant Redwood. Juilia Pfieffer State beach. Elephant Seals in conversation. Cabin at Deetjen's Big Sur Inn.

Eames Stamps

Charles and Ray Eames Commemorative Stamps designed by Derry Noyes, available now from your US Postman, thanks Chad.


Ben's Ark

My friend Benjamin James Lalor in Melbourne, is building an ark in preparation for any rising sea levels, future deluges etc. He practically grew up eating timber, his father Jim Lalor is a Furniture Maker who ran a business in Phillip Island called 'The Table Maker'. The first image shows the rib construction, following shots are joinery details of the stem made from Australian Tallow wood.


Well Designed Mail

Good things through my door this week. Latest exhibition invite from Ancient and Modern, London, designed by APFEL. Ivan and Michelle's save the date wedding button, designed by Ivan at the Art Design Office. Bison Studio, pottery trimming tools packaging, more on these perfect tools later on.


A Room Full of Jandek

The good folk at the Douglas Hyde Gallery in Dublin have just opened an exhibition of Jandek record sleeves (this blog takes it's name from the first Jandek album). Jandek has been self releasing his recordings on the Corwood Industries label for 20 years now. Photographing himself and his domestic/environmental details for the sleeves which have become a beautiful archive unto themselves. A publication with texts by Lars Iyer and John Hutchinson is available and for the superstitious Jandek will perform in the gallery on Friday the 13th!


The Way We Wore

Marimekko skirt/shirt from the late 60's we found for Les at The Way We Wore. Think Macrobiotic Nordic Lady Sect. They have some great items, the upstairs room is where well worn Hermes, YSL, Pucci and Balenciaga garments await adoption.

Weekend Anatomy

Two Ladder back shaker style chairs with raw hide woven seats. Doctors Anatomical model of the hand, Merck and Co, 1967. Antique Hand Carved Japanese Kashigata of rising moon, cherry wood. All from Rose Bowl.


Chad's Rock

My friend Chad Chatterton emailed me this rock today, what can i say other than it's one awesome rock. He's now based in Oslo where he spends his time creating landscapes for those video games that gamers play.

Lucie Rie

There is a number of Lucie Rie works up for auction on ebay right now though Phillips. The pieces span 50 years of Rie's career, the blue vase being the earliest, made in Vienna in 1935 before she relocated to London and set up her Pottery in Albion Mews.


pcc loot

Items found at the PCC swap this past Sunday between 6 and 8 am. Modern Planters by Gainey Ceramics, Laverne, California. Small 1950's hanging barn lamp. Bowls and small platter in 'prairie green' glaze by Frankoma, Oklahoma. Forged steel pruning sheers, and hedge sheers, made by Wiss, Newark NJ.


Two Copers

Two Hans Coper pieces up on ebay right now, from 1974 and 1954 respectively, starting at 11 grand and 51/2 grand respectively, Ouch!

The Moment

Happy Days! Obama it is.......image courtesy The Suburban.