She Shirt

Les found someone's 1950's-60's wardrobe in her size today during our antique run, Betty Draper gowns etc. This chambray shirt with red buttons and pocket/inside lapel trim is my pick of her picks.


Items we didn't buy in Northern WI today. 1960's snow suit with back patch/50's biscuit tin with printed lid/1940's chainsaw with users manual/Playboy archive late 60's through late 90's *All centerfolds and covers intact unless noted-please do not open.


Holiday Thread

Some loot from Milwaukee and Northern Wisconsin, returning to our favorite antique haunts. Native American blanket-throw with flying birds/Huge Serape with beautiful color gradation and silk fringe/Vintage L.L. Bean rabbit hunters cap manufactured by J.J Seifter & Sons Inc. N.Y.C/Mighty Mac plaid cotton, tab collar sports jacket 1950's/Vintage lambswool Marshall Field & Company sweater, made in Italy/Vintage woolen snow pants-needed!


Self Conscious

Images from Yanni Florence's self published book Self Conscious, an edited selection of photographs taken between 1976-1983 (age 11-18).

When I first met Yanni ten years ago he was starting to design books for other artists and galleries after (temporarily) winding down Pataphysics journal which he co-founded and edited with Leo Edelstein (there's a neat story of Florence sneaking into a vacant university office in the middle of the night to phone John Cage for an interview). It's great to see this archive of images surface, intimate and beautifully awkward, it maps a photographic learning curve, a suspended vulnerability dangling between subject and photographer.


Crazy Horse

Found at the LBC flea last weekend.


Ready For WI/Happy Holidays

Heading to Wisconsin for Christmas, where the sweater was made, found and returns to each winter, enjoy the holidays. Go Lakers/Go Bucks, yes I have two teams now.

Wave Splitters

Pair of wave splitters from Papua New Guinea circa 1940's 50's. Both carved from different wood, the darker one being a dense hardwood- painted with trade pigments and worn & weathered from time at sea. Collected from ebay this past month.


Bone Man

Standing Inuit figure carved from whale bone, beautiful porosity and lightness to this material, slightly more crude in it's crafting than this guy. This one came from ebay Canada.

*This is post number 666.

L.A. Turnaround

This elusive and perfect album is back in print after 25 years along with Jansch's other two charisma recording thanks to Drag City- cd features bonus noodling/recording movie. Original pressings of L.A. Turnaround are so rare Jansch himself had to snipe one on ebay recently.



Love this thing-more here.



Early morning wizards at Long Beach Flea today.



Oceanside High student Lissie (15) charging on her 4GF during gym/surfing class! more here.

Random Rules

G10 shuffle stream.



This years in house tree top angel/star.


Yei Bi Chei

Hand woven 1930's/40's Navajo Yei textile depicting female figures (square heads) found at PCC this month. Beautiful colors and good condition, it's the first of these I've found for a reasonable price.

Exhibition Envy

Ree Morton ends Dec 18th at The Drawing Center, New York. James Castle till Jan 20th at The Douglas Hyde Gallery, Dublin. Both these galleries have such great programs- and thankfully publications for those of us missing the shows in person.

Douglas Hyde buy one get one free xmas book sale, details.