Total Social Objects

Saturated Square (quadruple dolphin), 2013
Saturated Hex (triple sea-lion), 2013

Steve Claydon-Total Social Objects at David Kordansky~here.



Lamps by~top Mike Rey/middle Matt Paweski/bottom Zach Leener (button pusher MP)
Opening this Friday night at Atelier/Galerie De Troupe, Los Angeles.
~details here.




Giant peanuts cutouts at the bowl-from Knott's Berry Farm display.



This kid is in charge...best look I've seen at the bowl since the customized Tevas.
His pal was headbanding it too= right on/full count/the snail on the Concorde/Heavy Professional etc etc.


Heavy Professional~


Alan Constable

Ceramic Cameras by Alan Constable, 2010, 2011...amazingly weird and beautifully thumbed/formed things- it's hard to see the scale, 2-3 times that of their functional relatives, the sculptural energy in all the applied and scribed information is perfect.

Alan Constable\Ten Cameras will be the next Shop Exhibit at South Willard (May), curated by myself in conjunction with Arts Project Australia, where Alan has worked since 1987.

Constable's work is also featured in Outsiderism curated by Alex Baker, opening at Fleisher Ollman, Philadelphia this month.

*:- ! thanks to Alex Baker for putting this work in front of me and Sim Luttin at Arts Project for making it happen...more details soon.