Crazy-Michael Yonkers in 88
Microminiature Love-stream album here...a deep fuzzy R4TH favorite.



*nice coup Ram!


Go West

Libros Schmibros gets a room at the Hammer museum-bring a book/books!



Using cats to sell speakers~here.


1920's-30's Acoma pot-signed ACOMA N.M on bottom, the simplicity and confidence to the painting is beautiful on this one, a perfectly resolved thing...from shebay.

In house relatives~scroll down~here.


Vintage Hopi cotton wood Kachina doll, seems to be part Bumble Bee and part Wolf-missing antenna, I'm normally attracted to the more crudely painted and less detailed Kachinas, but I love the head on this guy...not super old a little wear from hanging~from shebay.

In house relatives here.



This guy always sports the most amazing racing club jackets...at LBC.
*same guy back at the Bowl here.
**different guy awesome jacket here.


I Am My First Photograph

TR post of TLC here.
After Rationalism and Mysticism here


Foam peenuts from ebay Germany.


Alice Neel

This is beautiful film, and also contains a bunch of the incredible Michael Auder footage from Portrait of Alice Neel, filmed during the last decade of her life.


\/\/ |||

Wharton Esherick details from a visit to The Long House, LI.
~thanks A.B)
~~A.B's W.E posts here.

Beat Clown

Ken Kesey and friends~bringing the Beach Clown to The Nut Shoppe.
*still from Magic Trip...thanks Jason.

**wait! Beach Clown eclipse~this is good too, thanks Andrew.



Didn't buy from the Antique fair~French bird shaped-bird splitting cleaver, inscribed S.K 1928 12/26.



We went back to the Pollock Krasner house and studio with the Beach clan last week~it's a beautiful and modest tomb of life and work, the house and studio sharing an economy of scale and efficiency and the simple nature of the property adding something to it's remote or isolated quality.
It seems like very little was changed since the couple first moved to Springs, with furniture and fixtures Krasner chose...(the iron bench she aquired in college and the pedestal sink upstairs, found on the street in New York)...much like the Eames house the sensibility of the house seems intact.

*The glass pieces in the tins are leftovers from Krasner's (awesome) mosaic table-built into the hoop of a cart wheel found on the property.

**I think of the Eames house as more of a reflection of Ray's tastes and collections-and both houses can't help but seeming like something of a set despite attempts to leave them as be/was etc...Krasner lived and worked in springs for almost 30 years after Pollock's death, and Ray a decade after Charles in the Eames house.

***Krasner and Ray Eames (then Kaiser) studied together at the Hofmann school where Ray's nickname was 'Buddha' for her calm demeanor. (:-o)



Navajo sterling/turquoise Bic lighter case, 1970's-80's with Hopi Kachina doll figure, signed on base~ this thing is nuts in a Folkjokeopus kinda way, so carefully put together- in house relatives here and here.

Wizardy candlestick made from three bent & welded cattle brands, an oldee'...I love this thing for it's sculptural form and intersections, giving me the early David Smith's.

*You have to be careful with this kind of shit, and I try to be, try to reign myself in before I start being that guy who has old wooden farm implements hanging from the walls, curtains made from grain sacks and Gone Fishin' signs in the lou...but a little farm-core is ok.

Hand painted bowl, Mexico (Oaxoca?), mid century...in house relatives (and favorites) here.
~all found this morning on the way to the chicken farm.


Bob who?

*thanks Rich


Stones left at the graves of Ad Reinhardt, Lee Krasner, Hannah Wilke and Jackson Pollock, Springs cemetery L.I.