Home Alone.



David Noonan-tapestry in progress, a beautiful translation, dense and methodical...more from the loom as this thing grows. And.


Making Noises You Can't Hear

Galaxie 500, performing in a school gym in Boston 20 years ago. Hail dangling earrings and the hand painted bass drum. Where have all the good bands gone?


A Shack Provide

Stone on stone shack in Northern WI. Located on a little stretch of road filled with cabin-folk masterpieces built by competitive Norwegian neighbors in the early 50's. My kind of hideout.


Modern Gnaw

Crimes against the CH24

Look Mom No Board

More madness from Daily Bread, you wouldn't want to hit a rock right?


The Family/Rust Never Sleeps

Muffler family, lovingly welded together, Santa Monica & Berrington. Relative here.


Finally got to the Barkley L. Hendricks exhibition at SSMoA today, really great paintings-ends this Saturday!-get there/get catalog.


Teenagers Past

Clowning at Wausau High in the 1950's. The guy that I picked these prints up from in WI was the photographer for the year books during the 50's, 60's..."well there's no reason to muck about here eh? whatav I got on em, ah- lets just say a dollar a piece pal".

Modern Roost

The neighbor George's self designed and built chicken coup in Rhinelander, WI. Further fuel to this much talked about future project here in LA.* Ellen take note, George said the black n' white chickens are the nicest of the bunch.

Catch & Release

It's been too long between fishing excursions for me...at least 15 years. All caught using leeches and returned to the lake, with the exception of one large Bass claimed for lunch. Thanking Tom for the rod and Les for snappy net performance.


Thompson & Wapota

Let's just say it's hard returning to Highland Park post Northern WI vacation.