Sophie Taeuber and Erika Taeuber in Kachina costumes made by Sophie, Zurich 1922.


omdroparebop said...

Sophie Mrs. Arp. What a splendid woman. A shame so many female artists are relegated in the art history books to wife-of-(big artist) status.
The Kachina suits are brilliant. She looks like a good time. :)
Whomever you are, Mister House; I've been quite enjoying this blog.

Sweet Ronit said...

Love this!

ahoi! said...

Right on! So great. I was in Switzerland recently for the first time and was psyched to see her on the currency. She got the 50 franc note. Le Corbusier is on the 10 and Giacometti the 100.
Thanks for posting.

ROLU said...

great! thanks. made my day.

CM said...

Awesome, I love it! Thanks for putting this on the blog