4th Gear Flyers

After seeing footage of Paul Gross and George Greenough mat surfing (props Ryan), I promptly ordered a 4th Gear Flyer for this trip, thanks to directions from LA sculptor Florian Morlat, who designed the new logo for the mats, hand made by Paul Gross in the USA. These things are insanely fun and portable, (it came through the mail slot in a standard padded envelope) the material has a teched out Patagonia feel, but also a classic small production look, each mat is signed by PG.

This morning's session (read: grommet status/white belt) at our temporary local got inneresting when I noticed a whole band of mat riders way out and off to the right, George Greenough and Co live. Awesome. GG pictured center with an older 4th G.F, the chap at the bottom was riding an experimental mat made by GG with no internal baffling. 4th Gear Flyer site here. GG's mat tutorial here. Cabinessence, great LA surf/music/stuff blog here.


charliep said...

thanks for this post. i didn't know there was a mat surfing blog. great to know.

Erin said...

The phrase "May you be forever young" comes to mind.